Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Knitted Dishcloth

I finished knitting the "figure eights" dishcloth last night. It took me a few hours, and it could have been made in one day. I worked on it at night while watching tv, so it took me 2 nights to knit. The book is called "Nifty Knit Dishcloths" by Leisure Arts. There are 16 designs in this thin book.

I started knitting the "green living tote" from last night. I got through 7 painful rows before my toddler woke up and needed to be put back to bed. I say painful, because my fingers really hurt from it. While sitting in the dark, trying to put my toddler back to sleep, my brain started thinking of the tote pattern. I realized that I was not suppose to be knitting it in the round yet. The base is knit in regular rows, and then you knit in the round. I was grateful for my little one waking up. Otherwise I would have not realized that I was knitting it wrong. I ripped out all the rows and put it aside. I needed my fingers to recover a bit. I still wanted to knit, so I finished knitting the dishcloth. Then I started knitting the tote bag again. I got as far as casting on and knitting one row before my toddler woke up again. I'm looking forward to making a plyarn bag from a pattern. Normally I just make a rectangle, attach a ribbon handle, and crochet up the sides.

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