Thursday, August 20, 2009

Farmers' Market, knitting plyarn, & my fused messenger bag.

I volunteered at the Farmers' Market today. It was so hot that when a short burst of rain came down, my kids ran around in it and got soaked. I always look forward to dinner after shopping at the Farmers' Market.

I also brought my knitting with me. This is the yellow plyarn that I had spun. I am knitting a market bag with it on size us8 circular needles. The 1st 30 rows are knit normal for the bottom of the bag. Then the pattern goes into the round. I got to row 29 when it started raining.

Someone from the recycling comity gave me a giant ADOPT-A-ROAD garbage bag. I love it! Yesterday I fused the bag as is (2 layers). I then folded the sides to the middle on the back side, and then fused them down. That made 4 fused layers. Today I pinned the bag to some black fabric, right sides together. I then stitched 3 of the sides together. I cut the excess fabric off. I turn it right sides out, folded in the 4th side and stitched it in place. I then made a strap out of the black fabric. I pinned that in place. I folded the bag how I wanted it with the fabric on the outside (right sides together), and sewed the edge seams and the straps. Then I turned it right side out. I love it this messenger bag. All I need to do is add a snap in the middle and find the perfect button to place over the snap.

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