Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Soda tabs & Winter knits

If any of you are parents then you might know what a pain in the butt it is to put gloves with fingers on a toddler. It becomes more of a pain when that child likes to take off and put stuff back on over and over again. My solution? Mittens. I am making my 1st pair of mittens. I finished the 1st of a pair last night. It just fits my 2 year old. I might make a 2nd pair slightly bigger at a later date. I used the same blue that I used in making his hat. The pattern was free from Lion Brand's website. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. It is knit flat and then seamed together.

I then made a bracelet out of soda tabs and some silver ribbon for my 2 year old's punk Halloween costume. I wove the ribbon in and out of the soda tabs. I placed the tabs so that only the front sides touched his skin and faced the outside (wrong sides together). I want to make one with clasps for my medical alert bracelet.

I then altered the layout of the soda tabs and started making a purse out of the soda tabs. I am making it in the round. I'll play around with different fabrics to see what will look good for the lining, because it will show through the soda tab holes. The way that I am making this and how I made the bracelet came from seeing someone's soda tab prom dress. She made it so that the back side of the soda tabs faced each other so that the tabs wouldn't hurt her while wearing them.

I made some more matchbook notebooks from a green tea cardboard case (when you buy the cans in a 12 pack). I really love the colors. These will make great stocking stuffers for Christmas.

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