Friday, October 23, 2009


Today I am taking a break from showing you my stuff. It's been a rough morning, and my camera broke yesterday. This is a picture that I took at my family reunion this past summer. My uncle makes these roadrunners out of railroad spikes that have come loose. He paints them the colors of tractors. The green and yellow one is a John Deer. He makes the railroad spike ones in 2 different sizes. He also made a small one for inside the house out of long screws. I asked him to make me 2 for next year. Both different sizes. One will be a John Deer one (green & yellow). The other will be green and black (I think its an Oliver tractor). I think that they would really cute in my front yard, like a mother and child. My parents have the 2 different sizes in their yard as well. However my dad repainted them so that they are black. My uncle does sell them. In my opinion he sells them way to cheap. They are both under $100. He has never shipped any though. Its more like you go up and ask him for one and then he sells it to you. These two were my grandma's.

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