Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Finishing those UFOs

I finished knitting my mom's scarf last night. Yeah!!!! I have it logged into ravelry, and yes I did in fact start it last December. I still have some of the yarn left over. Maybe matching mittens? A friend of mine is going to give me a simple pattern for fingerless garter stitch gloves.

I also finished machine quilting my oldest son's Christmas quilt. Now to make and attach the binding. I am so happy that both of my kids will be receiving quilts for Christmas this year.

I started a knit-a-long (KAL) today. It is making a 3-D Christmas tree on size US 10 double pointed needles. I am using left over Olive Lionbrand Homespun yarn and Lionbrand Fun Fur in lime. The homespun was used to make my mom a scarf 2 years ago. The pattern for the tree is here.

I also made my 2 year old a crayon holder today. It is very similar to knitting needle holders. There are pockets for each crayon, and then it rolls up and gets tied in place. I did take pictures, but it looks like I did not have my SD card in the camera at the time. I used left over fabric from the quilt that I made for him (and finished yesterday). I then adjusted the size and made a crochet hook holder for my husband's grandma and a double pointed knitting needle holder for myself. The pattern for this was in a quilting magazine. I'll post which magazine tomorrow. At least I have a picture of the unfinished larger ones. I made the binding for both, and now I just need to attach it.

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