Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Zero Waste

In crafting news: I knit one and a half dishcloths today. The rest has to do with the zero waste challenge.

Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of my trash (if you really wanted to see it). This is my 2nd week of trying for zero waste. My compost bin is getting pretty full these days. Amazingly enough I have cut back on my non-paper recycling. I filled 1 bin instead of the normal 2 (they collect recycling every 2 weeks here). My trash barrel for today (trash day) had 1 garbage bag which was only 1/3 filled and a diaper genie bag. The garbage bag must have gotten something in it other than plastic, because we were starting to get fruit flies. Thus it had to be taken out. I have been using the washable pull ups on my son when we go out. He wears underwear in the house, and diapers to bed. I switched to a more environmentally friendly diaper, if that is possible. I'm currently using the Diva Cup for the 1st time. I like it. I only use paper napkins if they are given to me via take out. I also only use paper towels when making microwaved baked potatoes, and to soak up the oil when I occasionally use my deep fryer. A cold came and is finally leaving my home without us buying any tissues. The hankies came in handy. Flannel really does get softer when washed.

In eco-crafting news: I am trying to pass on the "green" love for Christmas this year. My main handmade gifts are all about using reusable items vs disposable. I'm making knitted dishcloths, reusable shopping bags, and cloth napkins. I thought about making hankies, but I need to bulk up on my supply first.

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