Thursday, October 8, 2009

Halloween costumes & more dishcloths

Well I finished knitting another dishcloth and started a new one today. This will be part of one person's gift. A matching yellow and natural set of dishcloths. I might be able to make a set of 4, and all from stash yarn.

I also made my 2 year old's Halloween shirt. He is going to be a punk. I bought a black and a red shirt from the dollar store. The large safety pins are from the dollar store as well. I pinned the 2 shirts together, and then I drew on the black shirt with a black sharpie. That gave me the guide lines that I needed to sew the 2 shirts together. I made an anarchy symbol of the front and just rips in the back. After sewing the 2 shirts together, I cut the black shirt in certain areas. Since the shirt was a little long and large on him, I cut up the sides. Then I cut horizontal strips and ties them together. It fits him much better. I also cut the sleeve off of the red shirt and attached it to one side with safety pins. I might do the same for the other side, but I'm not sure.

I also bought a white sheet on sale (there is no place around me that has a used one). My oldest son and his friend are going to be sheet ghosts. I put the sheet on him and figured out where his arms should be. I then sewed the sides of the sheet closed, leaving arm holes for him. This way you can't see under the sheet when he walks or raises his arms. I then just cut out holes for his eyes and mouth while he wore it. Simple.

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