Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dishcloths, reusable bags, & craft time

Yesterday I finished knitting 3 dishcloths. One was a UFO (unfinished object), one was started a few days ago, and the other was made in 1 day. Today I finished one that I started last night. I also went through my Lily's Sugar'n Cream cotton yarn stash. I still have a good amount left. I also discovered my stash of finished knitted dishcloths. Well, the ends aren't woven in, but thats a small detail. There are now 15 dishcloths that I can give as Christmas presents this year. I might keep a couple for myself though. People may laugh at the thought of giving or receiving knitted dishcloths, but you will love them once you use them. I know at least 4 family members who like them. I guess its like hand knit socks. I don't have any yet (its on my list of things to make), but I heard that they are really awesome to wear.

Yesterday I cut and began sewing 14 reusable shopping bags. I had a 40% off coupon for the fabric store, and I bought 6 yards of some solid green fabric. What a deal! I cut the fabric in 15" sections length wise. That is the width of the bags. I folded the bags in half and cut 2 1/2" off of the ends for the handles. Next time I'll make it 3". I am not making a lining. I'll have step by step instructions with pictures when I am done sewing them. I sewed the sides of the bags already. I'm working on sewing the handles. Fourteen bags is a lot to make, so it will take me a day or 2 more. I didn't work on them at all today. If I give them in sets of 4, I'll have 3 gifts and 2 bags left over for me.

A reoccurring conversation that I keep hearing is how people don't have time to craft. I have a 2 year old that I have to chase around all day and a 10 year old who I have to drive around. I also have some what of a social life. Lets not forget running errands and cleaning. I am busy. However I make time for crafting. The key to this, for me, is having a portable craft project and a nice little bag to carry it in. Sometimes I'll put my knitting in my purse instead of the craft bag. Portable projects are great. All I need is myself and a few supplies. I don't need to plug into an outlet or use a table. Some portable crafts are knitting & crocheting, drop spindle spinning, embroidery, hand sewing, hand piecing quilts, drawing, etc. Places where I can work on my portable project: soccer practice, waiting to pick up my son from school, doctor's office (or any kind of waiting room situation), at the park, in the yard (while the kids are playing), in the car (as a passenger), visiting someone, at a meeting or a lecture, and while watching tv. Oh, I have been known to spin or knit in the kitchen while cooking. Whenever you are sitting or standing for a nice length of time with nothing to do with your hands.

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