Sunday, March 16, 2014

Kid's Sewing Kit

Last month I put together this sewing kit for a friend's daughter.  Her birthday party is today, so I hope that she likes it.  Her mom said that she really wanted a sewing kit, so I knew that I needed to be the one to make her one.  I found the cute little purse at Staples.  Then I bought a mini sewing kit and put all but the scissors in the bag (tape measure, thimble, sewing needles, and mini spools of thread).  The scissors were horrible.  They couldn't cut a thing, so I bought a good pair that would fit in the bag.  I found some decorative felt and made a simple needle holder out of it.  I also bought her some extra needles since the ones that came with the kit were really small.  Then I made her a bottle cap pincushion.  I put a rainbow of pins in it.  The primary colors are butterfly pins, and the secondary colors are flower pins.  The pincushion doesn't fit in the bag, but thats ok.  I hope that she likes it (and that her mom approves).   I included one fun thing to play with in her birthday bag as well.

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