Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day Fiber Round Up

Here are things that knit and crochet for Valentine's Day from 2009 to today.
Today I quickly crochet around 2 soda tabs to create the red heart charm.  Yesterday I followed round 1 of this pattern to make the other heart charm.
More crochet pull tab hearts.  These ones are pins.  This is my own pattern, which changes every time I make them.
More pull tab hearts.
Heart pins - free pattern
Heart ornaments - free pattern
Valentine's wreath ornaments
3 pull tab heart bracelets which use large and regular sized pull tabs.
A small but sweet heart shaped box.  Here is the free crochet pattern.
Crochet heart box full of chocolates - free pattern
More chocolates using the same pattern above.
Cupcake - free pattern
Bunny magnets - free pattern
Pom pom heart monsters
Love Puppy - free pattern
Little Big Planet love ninja sackboy - free pattern for the sackboy
Crochet illusion heart dishcloth - free pattern
Hearts with wings dishcloth - free pattern
Be my dishcloth - free pattern
Hot pads
Kaleidoscope hot pad
Heart hot pads (pattern is free through Lion Brand)
Heart dishcloths
Crochet woven hot pad - free pattern
Heart bobble dishcloth - free pattern
Christmas ball ornament with hearts - free chart
Mini heart pillow - free pattern
Heart pillow
A heart for my grandma (it is in her casket) - free pattern for the full bookmark
Heart bookmarks using the same pattern as above.
Crochet cabled heart afghan - free pattern for the square
Crochet cabled heart doll blanket - free pattern
These two crochet cabled heart squares use the same two patterns as mentioned above.
Drawstring bags made on a knitting loom.  The one on the right has plarn mixed in with the pink yarn.
Valentine's envelopes - free pattern

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