Saturday, May 4, 2013

Dolls - April

I bought this Moxie Teen wig for my Monster High dolls.  It fits, but it doesn't like to stay on.
The Moxie Teen accessories are great got my Barbie and Monster High dolls.  The glasses and shoes fir the MH folls, and the belt and other accessories fir the Fashionista doll.
I also got a Novi Star doll.  After getting this Novi Star, I got the same character but from the beach series.  The beach series ones have movable legs.
I taught 2 weaving classes to a total of 14 kids in April using cardboard looms.  Here is what I did with my sample weaving: I made a doll rug.  The chair is also new.  I bought 4 of them from Michaels at 60% off.  They are cell phone holders.
I taught one lady how to crochet last month.  Towards the end of the class I showed her how she could easily make a bag.  I used the small rectangle that I made during the class.  I got this great doll beach tote bag as a result.

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