Saturday, April 27, 2013

Projects from March and April

I made 2 of these granny square style hats for kids in a hospital in another state (charity).
The larger pink one is going to be sold at my church's holiday fair in December (also charity).
Then I made a similar one for my mom.
For my March ikat dyeing class, I dyed these 3 hanks of wool yarn with Kool Aid.  
I recently started knitting this log cabin afghan with Caron's Simply Soft yarn.
I made this sock using a 1909 Gearhart knitting loom at work.  I need to find another skein of this yarn so that I can make a matching sock.
Then I made another pair of socks on the same knitting loom.  The orange is what helps get it started.  Because there are no ribber needles for it, I am frogging the leg of the socks and hand knitting ribbing on it.
I also had a little fun on the knitting loom and made this pouch using the same sock yarn.  I used the kitchener stitch to close the bottom.  It reminds me of water.
I taught 2 friendship bracelet classes over Spring Break this month, so here are the 36 kits that I made for them.  For one of the classes the boys moaned about making them, but then later they came up and told me that they really enjoyed working on them (more than the other project I had for them).  That made my day.  
I also taught 2 cardboard loom weaving classes this month to a total of 14 kids and 2 adults.  Here is the doll sized rug (or mug rug) that I made as a result of the classes.  Most of it I made at home before the classes so that I had a nice example of what we would be learning.  Then the rest I did during the class while I demonstrated how to do 3 different weaving techniques.  
Here is the earbud / headphone pouch that I made last week.
For the pouch using an F hook:
  • ch 15
  • turn and sc 14 sts
  • turn work to the other side of the ch row and sc 14
  • continue sc in the round until desired height is achieved.
  • at one side stop, ch 1, turn work and sc 14 sts.
  • ch 1 turn and sc 14 sts & repeat for the flap.
For string, pull yarn through the 7th stitch on the flap and then chain 30 sts. Then ch 30 more sts on other side of flap (it is one long continuous chain, but the center is caught in the flap).
I then added the Angle fish to the back (the bottom fin didn’t work out right, but thats ok). Then I used puff paint to add details to the fish.

Last week I taught someone how to crochet.  I used cotton yarn and an H hook so that she could easily see what I was doing.  I showed her how to chain, single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet, sc in the front loops, sc in the back loops, slip stitch, crochet down the side of a project (for a nice edge or border), and how to make shells (for a nice edge / border).  Towards the end of class I had a small rectangle that I had crochet.  I wanted to tell her about all the things that she could make out of a square or a rectangle, so I showed her how to turn the little rectangle into a bag.  Now my dolls have a great tote bag to take to the beach.

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