Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Break Crafting

Last Sunday I finished crocheting this blossom hot pad in Easter colors.
I woven in all the ends yesterday.
Today I crochet this blue plarn basket.  
The plarn came from blue newspaper bags that were sent to the  library.
Here are the 6 crochet soda tab bracelets that I made yesterday.
Each one is slightly bigger than the last, ranging from 8 to 13 tabs. 
I made these two soda tab bracelets today using the rainbow yarn that you can see in the background.
They both have 10 tabs each.  I gave them to the two little girls that live near my parents.  They have become fast friends with my youngest son.


  1. Love that Easter hot pad!.. And one year I did a BUNCH of plarn baskets for the kids at church! They were a hit!... As for the bracelets, I haven't crocheted them yet, but I wear my ribbon ones ALL THE TIME! Cute and Fun! I bet the girls were thrilled to pieces to get these! ~tina

  2. That is so awesome that you made a bunch of plarn baskets for kids. I bet they were a big hit. I have my ribbon tab bracelet on right now ;)

    I had made the yellow bracelet when the oldest little girl saw it and tried it on. I knew that she wanted it, but she didn't say anything. It wouldn't be fair to give her one and not give one to her sister, so I quickly made a 2nd one while the kids played. They were really happy that they got them.