Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April Holidays

It is Keep America Beautiful month.  So as part of that, I planted some flowers.
You can also pick up some litter in celebration of this and for Earth Day (April 22nd).
It is also National Garden Month.  Here is a close up of my son's new garden / terrarium.  We bought him 3 venus flytraps and planted them in a 10 gallon tank (which we already had).  He has been doing research on how to take care of them, thus we bought peat moss, meal worms, and crickets for them.  I also filled up a spray bottle with rain water from my rain barrel for them.  It makes me proud that he has researched how to take care of them.  Its also cool to plant a "boy" garden for National Garden Month.  He put some lego skeletons in the terrarium to add a deadly look, lol.

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