Thursday, April 7, 2011

Easter Eggs (in cotton)

I keep hearing that the price of cotton will be going up soon.  My favorite yarn to work with is cotton, so when I saw Lily's Sugar'n Cream on sale for $1 a skein yesterday, I bought a bunch of skeins.  Then last night I took out my ball winder and made a bunch of yarn cakes with the new skeins.  They looked so pretty that I just had to make something.  With Easter on my mind I wanted to make something simple for the holiday.  A year or two ago I had made an egg shaped hot pad.  So I decided to make another one.  This is a free pattern from lionbrand.  They also have a knitted version.  The pattern calls for 3 strands of yarn held together, but I only used 2 strands (the two ends of a skein).  Two strands is thick enough for this hot pad.  I also used an I hook vs the H hook that the pattern called for.
With what little I had left of that skein of yarn I started crocheting this egg ornament.  There was only enough yarn left to finish 9 rounds, but thankfully I had another skein of the same color-way.  Its a little funny looking to me, but if I make a bunch it won't look so silly.  The is also a free pattern from lionbrand.

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  1. So cute!!! Wish I could crochet!!! Hope to see you soon!