Wednesday, April 8, 2009


It's been a while since my last post. While in PA during the last weekend of March, I crochet 3 elephants. I am not done sewing the pieces together on the 2nd one yet. The 1st one was a gift for my mom for her birthday. She likes elephants with their trunks up. The 2nd one is for my toddler. The pattern is free through Just do a search for elephant on their website.

I have not done any crafts since then though. However I have purchased a few things to turn part of my unfinished basement into a craft studio. I went to Ikea and bought one of those 5 x 5 square shelves. I love that shelves. The little squares are perfect for craft items. I broke a few of the dowels in the building process and have to get more to finish it. I also bought some plastic bins that look like recycling containers. I'll use those to sort my various juice pouches in. I keep them organized by type and color. Now I just need to buy a rug and get the heat circulating down there (especially for next winter). I was using my toddler's room for crafting. However he will be moving in there (and out of my room) pretty soon.

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