Saturday, April 25, 2009

Earth Day Fair

The Earth Day Fair was today. It was a beautiful day. Some people did come out to see what was going on. This is only our 2nd year doing it in our town, so each year will get better. Thank you to everyone who came (both presenters, supporters, and passers by). Here are some pictures that Glenn put up on Flicker from the event. Thank you Glenn for doing that! I also want to give a special thanks to Gean from Chelmsford CAN for bringing her PA system. Also thank you Bonnie and Jonathan for providing some wonderful entertainment.

I will be posting a version of my 1st zine on here shortly. The zine is called "Recycled Crafts." It has a lot of links on how to make things out of recycled items. I handed them out at the fair today. They will also be available at both public libraries in Chelmsford. They are already at the main library. Any future issues will also be available at the libraries.

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