Saturday, January 24, 2009

I finished knitting the garter stitch dish cloth. Then I went back to the garter stitch scarf that I am knitting for my mom. It will match the hat that I knitted for her for Christmas. I am using it to learn how to knit Continental. It was awkward and a little painful on my fingers and hands at first. It's getting easier. I am left handed, and this is suppose to be a better way for left handed people (and it is suppose to be faster).

I also finished piecing the last block (times 15) for the star quilt. The picture shown is not the finished block. I have also begun sewing the blocks together. It is rather hard to do with a toddler who just doesn't want to stay in his crib while I sew. I get about 15 to 30 minutes of work done before I have to take him out of the crib (and the room).

The wreath I made for Valentine's Day. It cost me $4 to make (supplies bought at The Dollar Tree). I bought a small, plain wooden wrath and wrapped it with 3 Valentine's Day garland. There were shiny hearts all over my floor afterwards.

The other images are crochet items that I made over winter break. One will be a large circular afghan. The smaller circles will be turned into that center square. When I have enough of the squares, I'll stitch them together to make an afghan. I have 3 other colors besides these 2 that will be added to it. I really like circles, so this pattern was really appealing to me.

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