Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Box Exchange (quilting)

My quilt guild meeting was last night. So as to not put it off until the last minute, I sewed my box exchange 2 quilt blocks today. When I was finished, I noticed that my block is about 3/4" smaller than everyone elses. It's because I follow my sewing machine's presser foot when I sew. It turns out that that makes my seams slightly larger than a quarter of an inch. I added a long duct tape strip on my machine there the 1/4" is. However I would like to get a new presser foot that is 1 a half an inch wide so that I'll get the 1/4" seam that I need. Anyway, I made 3 of the blocks. Two are for the person whose box it it (a mystery at the moment), and one for myself.

I also finished cutting the fabric needed to make the border on the stars quilt. I then ironed and cut some Valentine's fabric from my stash. I am now hand piecing them into a log cabin block. Thats right, hand piecing! I really rather be sewing than knitting right now. However it is hard to get much done on the sewing machine with my toddler. So why not make it portable by doing it by hand?! Yes it is slow going, butat least I am getting some sewing in when normally I can't sew at all. The hardest part is that I only get a little bit done before my toddler needs to use the potty (potty training). But such is a mom's life. I once saw a log cabin quilt where the blocks were turned to form a large heart. That is what I want to make with this one. It will probably be a small quilt for my toddler.

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