Sunday, December 26, 2010

Holiday Swap Gifts

I've been dying to show all of you what I sent to my holiday swap partner back in October.  Christmas is over and now it is show and tell time.  Basically the only money that we were allowed to spend was on something very small, something to finish a project, and mailing it.  Here is what it all looked like before it got stuffed into a box.  I made all of the bags.  Three of them are fused plastic, one is a Juicey Juice container that has been crochet around, and one is a fabric gift bag.  All of the gifts had labels on them saying when she was allowed to open them.
I really love the popcorn & Doritos fused bag.  I buy the small bags in bulk for my son's school lunch, and so I used the bigger plastic bags to make the fused bag.  You can also see some fun with the newspaper bags and a Lowe's key bag (when you have a key made).
Here are her gifts.
Some cotton knitted scrubbies, plastic bottle ring wreath ornaments, a Tardis ornament, mini mitten ornament, a fancy ornament, a gecko bookmark, matchbook notebooks, fabric, a knitting loom (I had an extra one), 3 juice pouch bags, and a spun and plied crochet plarn & yarn tote bag.
This large crochet tote bag.
I really like this bag, and I would like to make one for my mom and one for myself.
I spun the plarn for the bag, and then I plied it with some green variegated yarn.
The picture on the right is the bottom of the bag.
I made this bag from a plastic Juicy Juice container.  I punched some holes and crochet the top.
So that it would hold gifts, I placed fabric inside of it so that she wouldn't see her presents.
A medium juice pouch purse with a zipper closure, a juice pouch pencil pouch with a zipper closure, and a small juice pouch container with a velcro closure.  This picture was taken by my swap partner.

Where did all of these handmade gifts go?  Australia.  Merry Christmas Gekko!  I hope that you enjoy your gifts.

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  1. Wow! your swap partner SCORED!!! All such lovely, thoughtful gifts!

    I especially love the crocheted bag from plarn. It reminds me of a field of wildflowers painted in beautiful.

    Thanks for linking up to Fibers on Friday! Happy New Year!