Monday, December 6, 2010

Fairs & Other Projects

It feels like its been forever since I last blogged.  I've been very busy and very tired.  I haven't been online much in the last week.  Here is some of what I have been up to.

One of the members of From Trash to Treasure ( is hosting a plarn crochet along.  This will be a checkbook when finished.  I haven't gotten to far with it.  I will post the link at another time.

On Tuesday my youngest son and I went to the library's craft time.

We made this star ornament.

It is two paper stars with a slit cut half way down the middle, then they are joined together.

On the 28th I will be teaching how to make this snowflake ornament out of paper tubes and pipe cleaners at my local library.  I'm also planning a New Years hat craft.

I wanted to show a few the ornaments decorating my tree.  A few years ago my mom and I made a bunch of ornaments from felt, pipe cleaners, sequence, and foam stickers.  My mom made this whale one.  That was a really fun moment in time for me.

I bought this one, but you could easily make one.  It is a crochet snowflake that has been starched.

This stuffed, felt, beaded candy cane is unfinished.

This beaded one I made when my 1st son was born.  Its how I let people know that I had a boy.

Yesterday I worked at the raffle table at my church's holiday fair for 6 hours.  I'm pictured here with one of my fellow green committee members in front of our group's raffle basket.  

Our items are in one of my juice pouch backpacks.  I donated a few of my items for both the raffle basket and for the craft table.  Someone I know won the eco-friendly raffle basket.

Here is a look of the rest of the room before it got really packed.

For the last few weeks I have been helping the kids at my church make costumes for their Winter pageant/play.  Pictured here are the mouse noses that we made out of egg cartons.

Today I sold my eco-crafts at the Kristkindlmarkt Artisan Holiday Fair for 4 hours.  Things really picked up when our town had their lighting ceremony just just outside of this building (the Center for the Arts).  All of my items were $5 or less.  Some of my items (like my soda tab bracelets) were marked down to $5 for this fair only.  It was fun and I got to meet several wonderful people.

This past week or two I have made a new soda tab medical alert bracelet, plastic bottle ring ornaments, paper tube snowflake ornaments,  juice pouch change purses, milk carton wallets, reusable shopping bags, and quilt blocks.  I'm looking forward to relaxing at home and getting ready for Christmas.  I do have one class to prepare for, but that is a few weeks away.  I have a few quilt guild projects to work on, and I need to make some things for Christmas.  So maybe I can't just relax right now, but I can move at a slower pace.


  1. My Mom used to make crocheted angels that were starched she made hundreds and hundreds of them for craft fairs when I was young.

  2. Great seeing you too. Did you get the info on the event this coming Saturday at my gymnastics school? It's only 2 hours. I would love it, if you could make it.