Friday, December 24, 2010

Bottle Rocket & Plane Repair

About a month ago  My 3 year old and I went to my other son's school to watch him and the other 6th graders launch their bottle rockets.  My youngest son loved it.  He wanted a bottle rocket of his own.   We rarely ever have large plastic bottles, but I got one with pizza the other night.  The next day I took my youngest to the craft store to pick out some foam for the rocket.  He picked blue, orange, and white.  I love it, because he picked a complimentary color scheme.  Thats my boy!  Today I saw that cleaned, empty bottle and decided that today was the day to make the rocket.  I've been wanting to try a bottle/jar painting technique for a while.  It is where you put liquid paint inside of a jar or bottle, close the lid, and roll the paint around until it completely coats the inside of the jar/bottle.  I did that with the plastic bottle using silver glitter paint, blue glitter paint, and regular blue paint.  Then I poured the excess paint back into the blue glitter paint container.  Next I hot glued on the cut foam pieces onto the bottle.  It was messy, and my hot glue gun screwed up a few times (it may be time to get a new one).  My son loves it, and that all that matters.

Just before making the rocket, my son brought this lollipop airplane toy to me and asked for new batteries for it.  After replacing the batteries I noticed that he had pulled off the foam propellers.  What's the point of having a spinny thing in the front if there are no propellors?  So while I was making the rocket, I made some propellors for this airplane.  Now the spinning makes sense.  

Its the simple things in life that I love.  
Have a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year everyone!

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  1. what a great project!

    would love for you to link up at our saturday linky party.