Saturday, July 3, 2010

Market Bag & Juice Pouch Bags

I've been working on my market bag here and there.  I just finished 2 rounds of the 16 row repeat.

We are leaving on our road trip on Monday.  I wanted to make something where my 3 year old could get his toys and books himself while in his car seat without help.  I came up with this juice pouch container.    I also had a jeans back pocket laying around, so I added that to the front.  He can keep his crayons in it.

I used random juice pouches to keep it fun and colorful.  It just velcros around the seat.  There is enough velcro there so that it is adjustable.  There is no lining so that I can just hose it down if it gets gross.  I'm very excited to see if it works out.  Now I'm thinking about making another one for my 11 year old.  The jeans pocket would be perfect for the dvd remote, which he is always misplacing.

Then I made this fushia juice pouch purse for one of my aunts (shhhhh, don't tell her).  Her favorite color is pink.  I'm looking forward to giving it to her at our family reunion this week.

It has a zipper closure and a ribbon handle.  Here is part one of three videos on how to make one.

Thats right, I made 3 juice pouch items today.  

This fushia and red Capri Sun juice pouch backpack is a gift for my little 2nd cousin.  She is 3 or 4 years old and super cute.

It has a 3 x 1 pocket inside (3 juice pouches wide x 1 juice pouch high).

Here is a past blog post on how I make a backpack.


  1. You must be a very experienced knitter! That is one gorgeous and fancy market bag you're working on! And the juice bags are so clever and darling! Jacqueline

  2. cute! now I have another throw away to start saving !