Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 3: Knitting on the road

We were in Pennsylvania all day yesterday, and we hit the road today.  Here is a picture from the car of some farm land.  One day I want to make a quilt that is inspired by an aerial view of farm land.

I've been working on my market bag yesterday at my parents' house and today on the road.  I've screwed up somewhere, because my stitch count isn't always right.  Its hard to tell where I went wrong and where to frog because of all of the yarn overs.  Since the bag is for me, I'm not going to worry about it.  It looks fine.  You can see the pattern on the dashboard with the magnets next to my place in the pattern.

We went through Maryland, West Virginia, and Virginia today.  We are currently in Virginia on the border of Tennessee in a hotel.  Every time that I saw something cool, it was to late to take a picture.

The juice pouch car bags are a big hit with my kids.  All of my 3 year old's toys fit in it just fine.  He was able to get things out while in his car seat.  He has been keeping his markers in the jeans pocket.  Another great thing about the bag is that you can take it out of the car and bring it in the hotel (or where ever) to use. 

The hotel has a pool, so my kids were able to swim and get some of that energy out before bed.  I find water reflection very beautiful.  So much so that my senior thesis in college was on water reflection (via ikat weaving).

Here I am, with my new hair cut, relaxing by the pool.

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