Tuesday, July 27, 2010


photo by Drew Medina

For two days now I have been sawing 1" rings from this mailing tube, and I am not done yet.

photo by Drew Medina

Why?  I am teaching a class on Friday at the library on how to make bangles out of recycled materials.  I am preparing the "bangles" so that the kids can decorate them.

photo by Drew Medina

As you can see they are rough around the edges.  I wonder if they would be smoother if I had used a power saw.

After they are cut, then I sand the edges so that they are smooth and wearable.  I am using fine sandpaper.

There is some waste involved, but at least it is recyclable.  These curls came from some of the rings that just didn't want to keep that layer of cardboard on them during the sanding process.  Warning: there is a lot of dust involved with sanding them.  It was much more pleasant sanding them outside than inside.

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