Friday, July 16, 2010

From Grandma's House

My uncle made these roadrunners out of railroad spikes.  He paints them according to tractors (like green and yellow are the colors of John Deer tractors).  The red and white one he made last year for my grandma.  The two green ones he made for me.  They are still in my car.  I need to play around with where I'm going to put them in my yard.

This is old.  I remember seeing this on my grandma's wall when I was younger.  Someone took one of those cheap plastic fly swats and cross stitched it.  Then they glued two fake flies on it.  It never occurred to me before how the plastic of the fly swat is like the cross stitch plastic.  

My aunt bought this in Guatemala.  I think that it would be fairly simple to make.  I like that it has 3 pockets, so its useful.  It would be cute in a little girl's room.  You could make a princess version.

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