Friday, June 25, 2010

Juice Pouch Backpack

I have a commission to make 2 juice pouch backpacks.  This one needed to be finished by July 4th.  To learn how to clean the juice pouches, please watch this video.

You will need 33 juice pouches and a spool of wide ribbon to make one backpack.  I prefer to use a zig zag like stitch when sewing the juice pouches together.  I over lap them slightly and then sew.  You will need three sets of 2 x 3 pouches, 2 sets of 2 x 2 pouches, and the bottom piece (see below).

Here is the front of the bottom panel.  Notice how the centers are butted against each other and not over lapping?

Here is the back of the bottom panel.  I cut one juice pouch in half and use it to attach 2 juice pouches together to attain the right size.  Then I over lap the two vertical strips and sew them together.

I then use a long straight stitch to sew the soft side of velcro to the inside bottom of the flap.

Then I sew the hard velcro half to the front center panel.  The purple is just an accent ribbon.

Measure and cut your ribbon.  Pin it to the top of the back panel.  Then turn your flap upside down, over lap it under the back panel, and sew.

Sew the front and back panels to the bottom panel.  Make sure to start and stop about a quarter to half an inch from the sides.

Then sew the side panels on.  Do not sew over the front and back panels (there will be some over lapping).

Fold the sides together (you might have to man handle the bag a little) and sew.

Make sure to pin the bottom of your straps in the right place before you sew those 2 sides together.  I triple checked my measurements while pinning to make sure that my straps were the same length when sewn.  Also the ribbon goes in the sides at an angle (about a 45 degree angle).

Here is what it looks like with the flap open.  You can also add a juice pouch pocket on the inside or outside before joining the outside panels together.

Kids love having a fun and unique backpack for school.  I have used the juice pouches themselves as the straps before, but they did not hold up well.  Ribbon or fabric straps are the way to go.



  1. Kristy, Love this idea - Super Cute! So creative and inventive! I'll be featuring this today. Stop by and grab a featured button if you like. Thanks for joining the Sunday Showcase! ~ Stephanie Lynn

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