Friday, June 4, 2010

Local Children's Band: Ben Rudnick & Friends

Last week I entered a contest by Ben Rudnick & Friends to win their new cd, "A Frog Named Sam."  I found out 2 days ago that I won!  The cd, 2 stickers, and a postcard came in the mail today.  My youngest son immediately put one of the stickers on his hand, and we listened to the cd while picking up my other son from school.

We saw them preform a few weeks ago at the Teddy Bear Picnic.  Thats when I found out that they had a facebook page and a newsletter with some free downloads.  It was the combination of those 2 things that resulted in winning the cd.  They asked on their fb page what was one of the free downloads and what did we like about it.

Well after downloading the 2 songs, I played them for my son.  He went crazy over one of them and starting dancing all around the room.  Here he is with his teddy bear at the concert.  I'm hoping to take him to see them again soon.  They are preforming in MA, NH, and CO from now through July 3rd.  You can check their website for dates, times, and locations.


  1. This is great-- I want one!

  2. I only looked at the 1st page of their website when talking about their performances. They actually have performances lined up through September. They are also playing in New York as well.