Monday, June 28, 2010

Ride'm Cowpoke

Tonight I have a quilt guild meeting where we are just going to work on whatever we want.  I went to look at my ufo quilts to see what I wanted to bring with me, and I saw that I had not finished piecing my cowboy & cowgirl quilt.  So I finished piecing it today.  Now I am going to be on a search for the perfect border fabric.

I bought this fabric last year during vacation, just after my family reunion.  Well my next family reunion is just around the corner, and I would love to start hand quilting it while there.  It will be for my 3 year old.

I've frogged my market bag twice already.  The first time was due to knitting while sleepy.  My stitches did not add up the next day.  The second time was just a misunderstanding of the pattern.

I really have to pay attention to the pattern and not loose my place.  In order to do that, I use 2 magnets on the pattern page.  One magnet is on each side of the paper, and it goes next to the row that I am working on.  All the even rows are the same, so then the magnet goes in the middle of the last row that I did (over the words).  That way I always know where I am.

This past weekend we went to Salem, MA.  I was able to stop in a local quilt shop while there and buy some vintage looking fabric.  I'm looking forward to making a cute outer space quilt out of it, but I should really finish some ufos first.


  1. Hey Kristi...

    I had my friends and family bring me a fabric piece so I can make a small quilt for my new babe on the way. Is there an easy beginners quilt tutorial that you would recommend. Also are you going to be selling your stuff at the Chelmsford Farmer's Market this year?

  2. For a few months now I have been posting a block-of-the-month on my blog. It is meant for beginners to learn from. Also check out the library and you tube might be helpful.