Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday's Tot Craft Time: Batik Wall Hanging & A Crown

We went back to the American Textile History Museum on Sunday.  The kids' room still has Cambodian inspired crafts.  We did not try the batik wall hanging during our last visit, so we tried it this time.

I wrapped the fabric around a straw, and glued it in place.  Then my son put several stickers on it.

Next he colored over and around the stickers with a marker.

Then we removed the stickers to reveal the batik.  It is not a traditional batik, but it is perfect for little kids.  I ran a piece of yarn through the straw, tied a knot, and now its hanging on a door knob in our house.

My son made one of these crowns during out last visit.  It was so much fun that he wanted to make another one.

First I traced the crown template onto a stiff piece of felt.  Then my son went about adding fun things to it.  Then I punched a hole on each side, and attached some string.

He loves his new crown.

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