Thursday, April 2, 2015

February 2015 Projects

This shawlette was made in one day.  It is a very easy pattern.  I was disappointed with how small it turned out to be.  The next time around I will chain a lot more stitches.  Here is the free pattern for it. I used an I hook and Caron's Simply Soft yarn for it, and I chained 150 to start it.

Here are some more purple baby hats that I made for A Child's Light using this free pattern.   Each hat is made with different yarn and an I hook: Caron's Simply Soft, Cascade Pinwheel, and Cascade Pacific - all worsted weight.

I also made 3 more of the ribbed hats using Cascade Pacific Chunky yarn and a J hook.  The two bottom hats are baby size, and I'll probably donate them to my church's holiday fair in December.  The top green hat is adult size (for my mom).  Here are my notes for the larger hat: The larger one had 6 rows of flat circle, skipped the row where 4 increases were made, and did the post stitches for 9 to 10 rounds.

During one of the snow storms that we had in February I made this "Get Whale Soon" tissue box cover.  Puff paint was used to create the eyes and mouth.  This is a very easy pattern to make.  I used Caron's Simply Soft yarn and an H hook to make it.  I think that it would make a great get well soon gift.

One of my students wanted to make an ear warmer, and this was the free pattern that she wanted to try out.  However it used a foundation single crochet to start it instead of a chain, so I made the headband to learn how to do a foundation single crochet.  The headband is really pretty and fits me perfectly.  However it really is just a headband and not an ear warmer, so my student ended up making a different pattern.  I used Cascade Pacific worsted weight yarn and an F hook to make it.

I made these socks for my husband.  He has worn them almost everyday ever since (except when they've had to be washed of course).  They were made with Plymouth Encore Tweed worsted weight yarn and US 5 circular needles (magic loop - 36" cord).  Even though the pattern was free, it is not on ravelry.  I got the pattern from my knitting teacher.

The ladies in my Wednesday night crochet class wanted to learn how to make something on the round knitting loom, so instead of crocheting we all loom knitted.  It was a lot of fun.  I showed them how to make a hat and a drawstring bag, which is really the same pattern.  They both need a "brim" - where after a few inches you fold the bottom up and loop those ends back onto the loom.  The difference is that for the bag you need to lay in 2 separate knotted ribbon loops for the drawstring inside of the "brim" before folding it and looping it back on the loom.  For my small yarn bag (thats balls of yarn inside of it) I use James C. Brett Marble Chunky yarn and the green round plastic knitting loom.

I made the last 6 squares for my sampler afghan.  The pattern is from "101 Crochet Stitch Patterns & Edgings" by Annie's Attic.  I wrote a review for the book so that I could share some of the mistakes with my corrections for it.  

Here is my finished sampler afghan.  It was made using 12 skeins of Plymouth Encore worsted weight yarn and a G and an H hook.  I started it in January 2014, and I worked on it periodically during 8 of the 14 months since I started it.  The edging was very easy to do.  I'm very please with how it turned out.

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