Saturday, September 7, 2013

Beaded Elephant Necklace

One of this month's challenges (in a ravelry group) is to make something using shiny black beads.  So I made this fairly simple crochet necklace with black beads.  I attached an elephant pendant to the bottom of it.  For the necklace I used sock yarn, a size C crochet hook, and strung a bunch of black beads on the yarn.  I made a little crochet triangle at one end, then as I made chain stitches.  I would occasionally pull up a bead to be locked in a chain stitch.  Except for at the ends, I spaced the beads 15 chains apart. At the ends I would vary how many chain stitches I made before there was a bead so that the beads wouldn't be in the exact same place as the last chained line.  There are 5 chained lines.  On the other end I began to make a small triangle which grew with each chain line that reached it, until in the end it was the size of the one on the other side.  I added a claw clasp to it, found the center, and then added the elephant.

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