Tuesday, September 3, 2013

7 Year Old UFO

Yesterday I finished this ufo (unfinished object) from 2006.  I had put it away when we moved to Massachusetts, and I didn't touch it until yesterday.  Why yesterday?  I needed size 13 needles for a pattern I want to make.  I only have 1 pair of size 13 knitting needles, and one of them had this scarf attached to it.  So I finished knitting the scarf, and immediately cast on a new project.  The scarf is very soft.  I think that the reason it was unfinished was not only we had moved, but I was on the lookout for another skein of this yarn.  I never found another skein of it.  I was really into making very long scarves when I was a new knitter, but this one is a good length.  It's just nice to have 1 less thing in my ufo bin.

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