Saturday, August 6, 2011

Episode 40: Lindsey Dank & Didgeridoo Down Under

This is episode #40 of my local access show called "Its Easy Being Green." My guest is Lindsey Dank of Didgeridoo Down Under. He talks about didgeridoo, how to make your own, and he plays some music with various didgeridoos, an African drum, a Native American flute, and other small instruments.

Last Wednesday I took my 4 year old to the library to watch a didgeridoo performance by Lindsey Dank.  It was awesome.  My son was jumping around, and when we got home he took a cardboard tube and started playing it like a didgeridoo.  He has done this every day since.  After the show, I introduced myself to Lindsey and asked if he would like to be on my show (didgeridoos came about in an eco-friendly way, and Lindsey had some that were made out of recycled materials).  He said yes, but since he is going to different schools and libraries around the country he would only be in town for a few days so we needed to film asap.  We filmed it last night.  I hope that you enjoy it, I sure did.  Thank you Lindsey for coming on my show and being a great guest.

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