Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Crochet Group Today

Someone that I know asked me 2 weeks ago if I could help her make a crochet scarf.  The pattern was in chart form, which I had never done before.  So I needed to learn how to read a chart.  Also she wanted to invite a few friends with various crochet skills to the get together.  The scarf pattern is made up of several floral motifs in fingering yarn with a small crochet hook.  Since the pattern was for a single floral motif, I thought that it would be easier to make coasters using worsted weight yarn and a larger hook.  After they get the hang of it, then they could move on to the smaller hook and yarn.  The above picture was taken before we got started.  I was working on a scrubby while I waited.  There were 3 ladies, one who did not know how to crochet, one who was rusty and wanted to make a granny square blanket, and the one who organized the get together.  I showed the one lady who was new to crochet how to chain and single crochet, and she practiced doing that.  It was a nice morning crocheting with these ladies.
I had made two cotton versions of the motif before the get together today.
I'm working on a different version of the red scrubby that I made the other day, but this time with the white Christmas cotton yarn.  There is a sparkly silver thread that is in it.  
Chain 2
Single crochet (sc) in the center / first chain 8 times
Double crochet (dc) in each stitch two times for two rounds
Sc in every stitch 2 times for one round
Sc in every stitch 3 times for the remaining rounds.
Here is where I am at with my son's granny square blanket.  I don't know how big it is, but its not that big at the moment.

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