Thursday, March 17, 2011

Plarn Easter Basket

I made this plarn basket today.  The plarn was made from white with green writing plastic bags.  This could be used for both St. Patrick's Day (because of the green specks, holding gold chocolate pieces) and for Easter.  I used a size I hook.
sc = single crochet, st = stitch
- Form a loop and sc 8 times into the same loop.
- Row 2: 2 sc in each st = 16 sts
- Row 3: 2 sc in st, 1 sc in next st, repeat = 24 sts
- Row 4: 2 sc in st, sc in next two sts, repeat = 32 sts
- Row 5: 2 sc in st, sc in next 3 sts, repeat = 40 sts
- Rows 6 - 8: sc in every stitch
- Rows 9 and up: 2 sc in a stitch, skip a stitch, repeat.  This forms a V pattern.  You might have to fudge it a bit at the end of row 9 (like 2 sc twice in a row instead of skipping a stitch).  Your 2 sc in a stitch for rows 10 and up should always be in the last row's V shaped stitches.
- When you reached the hight that you want, sc in 3 stitches, chain one, and turn work.
- Work these 3 stitches back and forth until you get the desired length that you want for the handle.
- Then crochet the end of the handle into the other side of the basket.
- Bind off and weave in the ends.

I filmed myself making this, and will have it up on you tube soon.


  1. Crochet and plarn must be hard on your hands, but it makes a great sturdy basket.

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  2. Love this!I would love it if you added this to my new link party!