Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blossom Dishcloth & Soda Tab Bracelet

True to my word, I made another blossom dishcloth (hot pad to me).  This one is for the crayon swap that I am in.  I am making my partner lots of red things.  I started another one for her yesterday, but I reversed the two solid colors.
I actually found the pattern for this on ravelry so that I can share it with all of you.  The original pattern was from one of those freebie patterns in front of the Lily's Sugar'n Cream yarn at Michaels.  This is a good stash-busting project.  The center doesn't use much yarn.  It looks like you can make 2 to 3 of these using the same 3 skeins of yarn.  
I made another crochet soda tab bracelet for the swap as well.  I used a thinner cotton yarn than I did with the blossom dishcloth.  This yarn I actually got from someone in a swap last year.  I used an F hook and 12 soda tabs (vs the 14 in the pattern).  My swap partner's wrist is the same measurement as mine, so I know that it will fit her.  Plus she has daughters, so she can give the bracelets to them if she doesn't want them.  I gave the green one that I had made to my 3 year old for St. Patrick's Day.  He loves wearing it.


  1. This is darling. Really nice work. I love crocheting.

  2. Oh, that is the cutest hot pad/dish cloth! The colors are so pretty together! Your swap partner is a lucky lady!