Saturday, May 22, 2010

My New Purse

Yesterday was a great day for fusing plastic bags.  I discovered this very large, blue, plastic shopping bag among my things.  It was given to me by one of my many plastic bag donors.  I have been on the look out for a nicely colored bag to make into a purse, because I love my adopt-a-road purse so much.

I first fused it to itself (the 2 layers of the bag).  Then I folded it in half, and fused it again.  That gave me 4 layers, which is the minimum amount of layers that you need for a sturdy bag.  Next I took some fabric and had the right sides of the fabric and fused plastic facing each other, and I sewed 3 sides together.  Which is the right side of the fused plastic?  Which ever side that you like the best.  Then I turned it inside out, tucked the forth side in, and sewed it closed.

I did not want to use the same fabric as the lining for the bag's strap.  It was doggie fabric, which makes a fun lining but I don't want to showcase it for the world to see as the strap.  Then I saw the left over finger weaving that I had made (the part that was not turned into a belt).  It was perfect.  Next I fold the bag, right sides together, how I wanted the bag to be.  I pinned the woven strap to the sides.  Then I sewed the three sides and the strap together.

Next I folded in the three sides of the flap a little, and sewed that down.  Then I turned it right sides out.  I took it to the store to pick out just the right button for the outside.  Its good to bring your project with you when picking out accessories or accents for your project.  What looks good in your head might not work with the project.  I sewed the button and the snaps on the bag, and voila it was finished.

Now I have a nice, new purse that was made out of an old shopping bag.    I really love that I made the strap as well.  The lining shows my playfulness.  The outside is nice and clean / simple.  Its in my favorite colors.  I think its great that my other purse is the compliment to this one.  Its orange, which is the complimentary color of blue (opposite on the color wheel).  I'm looking forward to showing it off.  Now to clean out my other purse.