Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Chelmsford Earth Fair 2010

Today was the 3rd annual Chelmsford Earth Fair.  I have been organizing it since January.  I learned some things from organizing it last year and this year.  Now I know how to get things done in a better way for the next time.  Plus there are more ideas for next year as well.  It was raining out, so we were inside of the Chelmsford Center for the Arts.  Here I am with my oldest son at my table.  I was selling plarn tote bags, juice pouch bags, juice pouch notebooks, juice pouch ipod cases, fused plastic bag gift bags, notebooks made from recycled cardboard, and soda tab bracelets.  The soda tab bracelets were my best seller.  I even made 3 for people while there.

Here are the Boy Scouts with their Leave No Trace table.  These boys were a big help.  They helped to set up and take down the Earth Fair.  They also announced the winner of the kids' eco-art show, and handed out the prizes.

This is David Albertelli, a master plumber and oil technician.  He talked about different ways to make your home more energy efficient.  He is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about energy conservation.  I'll be calling him soon to come on my t.v. show.

Here is Bonnie and Jennifer at the Chelmsford recycling table.   They even wore their "Chelmsford Recycles" t-shirts.  In July our town will be going to a single stream recycling as well as decreasing our curb side trash limit.

Here is a representative of Mahoney's Garden Center.  She talked to people about green lawn care and other environmentally friendly things that they offer.

There was also a K - 12th grade eco-art show.  We asked that they put their art inside of a shoe box and bring it to the Earth Fair.  There were 5 entries, only 3 are shown here.  People voted for their favorite, then at the end of the fair the Boy Scouts announced the winner (not shown here).  As it so happened we had five $10 gift cards to Borders as prizes; so, all 5 kids got a prize.  It pays to enter and recycle.

Niahm sold her home made dog biscuits.   In the picture you can see Phil, from the Chelmsford Open Space Stewardship, buying some.  By this time he had taken down his table.

Here is Jean from MCAN and Chelmsford CAN (both of whom sponsored the Earth Fair) smiling for the camera.  She provided the PA system and thus the great music.  I heard that she was playing the game "stump the dj."  She also helps organize the monthly Clean and Green series at the library.

Ruth Canonico came and told stories, played music, and entertained the kids and adults at the fair.   I was told that she was an excellent storyteller, and she lived up to her reputation.   I believe that this picture was taken by Phil Stanway.

Frances Killam and her daughter sold beautiful earrings that they made.  Her other daughter made some earrings as well, but she was to sick to make it to the fair.  I got a pair of beautiful leaf earrings that her daughter had made.

Cartridge World came and handed out beautiful reusable shopping bags.  They also had a collection bin for ink cartridges there.  They have been at every Chelmsford Earth Fair.

The First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church's Green Committee was handing out free samples and recipes for homemade eco-friendly cleaning products.

Sue West (at the Green Committee's table) was selling organic t-shirts and tote bags.  I bought one of her tote bags last year.  I love the design.

The girls in the Chelmsford High School Green Club are working very hard to make their school more environmentally friendly.  Notice that they are all wearing one of my soda tab bracelets.

Susan is packing up her stuff and heading out.  She was selling here Kickback Cards.  They were beautiful greeting cards with her photographs on the cover.

All in all I believe that everyone had a good time.  We saw a lot of new faces there.  There was a steady stream of people coming in.  I felt like a better turn out than last year despite the rain.  Thank you to everyone who helped out, had a table, preformed, and came to check it out!

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