Thursday, May 20, 2010

Finger Woven Belt

I finished finger weaving my belt last night, and I am now wearing it.

There was enough to make 2 belts.  The yarn came from 1 skein of variegated yarn.  I really love these colors together.

All you need is 2 D rings and a needle and thread to turn a woven strip into a belt.  It was easy to pass 3 layers of the woven strip through my sewing machine (to hide the end / edge).

I started a new one last night.  Its wider than the last one.


  1. I love this! Was it difficult to make? I am not familiar with finger weaving...

  2. It was really easy, but it does take time. It took me about 8 days to make. However I wove a really long piece, enough to make 2 belts with. Here is a good link for the directions.
    This belt is the diagonal weave. Its the easier of the two. I'm left handed, so I weave from left to right.