Monday, October 28, 2013

Autumn Colored Projects and more

I made another V Stitch bag using my refined pattern.  I made it for one of my crochet classes, so that I could show my students how to make a flat circle, how to make increase stitches, and how to make simple bag handles.  They learned other things along the way as well.  I used Cascade yarns Pacific Chuncky, 2.5 skeins of it, and I size J hook.
I made this granny square style orange kerchief using Plymouth yarn Dreambaby DK yarn.  I made it a little to large.  Next time I'll make 16 rows instead of 18.  I really like this yarn.  It lays really nicely and feels very soft.  It is considered a good yarn for baby items.
  During one of my classes the ladies want to learn how to make a flower.  This is a pattern that the store that I teach at had.  Its a strange pattern, and I'm not fond of the flower.  This week I'll be teaching them how to make one of my favorite flower patterns.  I used kool aid dyed Fisherman's Wool by Lion Brand for this flower.
For one of my classes I wanted to show the ladies how to make a bobble stitch, so we worked on this bobbled Christmas tree pattern.  Some of the ladies finished their trees, and one lady even made a pillow out of her 2 trees.  I'm currently making another one that I designed.  It will be a pillow for the store that I work at.
Here are the candy corn amigurumi that I made earlier this month.  The smaller one was made using an E hook and  Plymouth yarn Dreambaby DK yarn, and the other one was made using an F hook and Caron's Simply Soft yarn.  Here is the free pattern for it.  I used puff paint for the faces.
Here is another pattern that I like to teach to my crochet students, the granny square.  I used the same Plymouth yarn Dreambaby DK yarn as I used for the candy corn amigurumi.  I started making another one using the white yarn last week.  I think I'll make a blanket out of a single large granny square.

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