Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Valentine's Swap Gift 2012

Two days ago I received my Valentine's swap package from my partner CyndyinLawerence.  
My favorite item, and my youngest son's as well, is the felted sweater tic-tac-toe board that is also a bag. The Xs and Os (aka hugs & kisses) are also made from felted sweaters, and they are all very soft.  My son and I played a few rounds of tic-tac-toe after I opened the package.  If you look above the bag you will see a blue bookmark as well.  My close up photo of it was blurry, so I won't be sharing it.  
My partner had gone to the Oz museum recently and gave me this postcard from there.  She said that this hat was the hardest thing to make.  My son said that I looked very pretty in it.
She has 3 bunnies, so she made this dishcloth with a bunny on it.  I'll think of her every time I use it.
This cupcake is very large.  The beads and sequence came from a t-shirt that she turned into tarn (t-shirt yarn).  
She said that this was grass, but my son and I both think that it is a bunny.  Either way it is squishy and soft and very cute.
She made a card out of fused plastic bags and potato chip bags.  She also gave me several notecards, my favorite being the unicorn throwing up a rainbow.
She also sent me this strawberry chocolate tea.  I've never heard of such a tea before.  Also included in the package was some soda tabs for me to make things out of.  She did not buy anything for this swap which is pretty cool.  Also she used reclaimed yarn for many of the projects (from unraveled sweaters).

It was great getting to know her and making things for her during this swap.  I feel that I have made a new friend.  I loved everything that she had made for me.  We both mailed our packages on Saturday, but mine isn't suppose to arrive until Friday.  I can't wait to share what I made for her.

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  1. What a sweet haul you made on the swap! Great gifts and very useful stuff too.