Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Spun Newspaper Plarn Bag

I started making this plarn last summer.  The plastic came from newspaper plastic bags that I collected from my library.  I then spun it and crochet this small tote.
Here is my pattern - using an H hook:
ch 2
8 sc in center
12 increase rounds (96 stitches)
2 sc in st, skip a stitch, repeat until desired length.
ch 35
sc 24
ch 35
sc 24
sc around for 4 rounds.
end with a sl st after 12 sts after the last handle.
Here are the photos from last Summer.  The first ones was at the beach, and the 2nd one was at a cavern site in Pennsylvania.  You can see my son in the background having fun at their gem mining area.  
Here is one of the 2 skeins of spun plarn that I used to make the bag.  

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