Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Here are the number of projects that I made in 2012: 

Total Items Made: 715
January's total: 82
February's total: 80
March's total: 71
April's total: 111
May's total: 43
June's total: 31
July's total: 48
August's total: 53
September's total: 35
October's total: 47
November's total: 84
December's total: 30
Items not added individually, but lumped in as a group: 124

My goal for 2012 was 700.  I'm glad that I succeeded, but sometimes it was a little to stressful with that big of a number over my head.

So my goal for 2013 is to make 500 items.  I went with a lower number this year so as to not stress myself out.  I also want to make a few bigger items this year.  You can see my little tracker at the top of the page for my goal.

I joined a ravelry group called 113 in 2013.  Basically it is a group where you can keep track of how many things that you make during the year.  Here is my thread for it (everyone has their own thread in the group).

So for January:

  • mini hearts
  • mini items for a swap
  • amigurumi camera
  • 2 angry birds for nephew2

I started the dishcloth for my mom just now (1 am).  I really should be in bed, lol.
The Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup is starting today.  I am on the Quidditch staff for this term (Jan - March).  I'm looking forward to seeing what the class assignments will be.
I will also be posting photo collages from Nerd Wars T4 and T5 soon.  

Here is where I am add with the mystery crochet along.  The designer gave us the first 4 rounds.  I was so excited to make a kitchen item (which she says that it will be) that I started it already.
In other news, I am going to participate in another doll show.  I will be sharing photos soon of the past 2 doll shows that I participated in.  This next one is called "after dark." I'm also in an amigurumi sweetness event.  I'm also in a tiny treasures swap (making mini things).  
I'll be teaching an ikat dyeing class later this month, and I will be teaching another Sunday school workshop rotation.

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