Monday, January 21, 2013

3 Doll Dresses

My husband took some great photos of 3 of my dolls wearing outfits that I made for them on Saturday. Here is a link to his blog post with all of the photos.  I'm only going to share a few on here.

Frankie's dress and shrug were made from a sock.  It was a mummy sock with green eyes peeking out from the bandages.
I hand sewed this dress onto a different monster high doll.  There was no pattern.  I did run into problems when trying to take it off of the other doll.  I made it to form fitting, and it was nearly impossible to get off around her hips.  It goes on the create-a-monster dolls much easier, because you can remove their head and hands and slip it on over their neck.  You can't remove any body parts from the name monster high dolls.  Now she is ready to go out dancing.  Her hair is a Liv doll wig.  
Snow White is wearing a sock dress with a matching shrug. 


  1. Love all the dresses!.. And you know? I've always wanted to add a Monster High doll to my doll collection, but just haven't gotten around to picking one out yet! Love them! I think the last doll I purchased was a Bratz doll, quickly, while I was worried I wouldn't be able to during some court case/lawsuit concerning them... Anyways, love how you made their dresses from socks, and have a great week! ~tina

  2. Beautiful, creative work! Could you tell us how to make the shrug? Thanks so much!

    1. Thank you. You just need to take a rectangle of fabric, and fold and sew all of the raw edges down. Then fold it in half length wise with the right sides together. Lay the doll down in the center and mark where her arms meet her shoulders. Sew the 2 halves together from the wrist to the place that you marked. Then turn it right sides out, and you are done.