Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday Tot Craft Time: Birthday Cards

The library has been going through their craft bin and pulling out different projects that they have a lot of.  Today was a mega craft day there.  They had 5 different craft projects available to do.  We made 4 of them.  The 5th one was a flag for Veterans Day.  Three people in our family have birthdays coming up, so these will become great birthday cards.  It saves me some money and a shopping trip as well.  Of course the two birthday cake papers will become cards, and the fire truck will be one as well.  The 3 ladybugs will get laminated and become a bookmark Christmas present.  I want to add something to the ice cream cone.  Maybe some pictures or glitter sprinkles.

I'm thinking of putting together another kids' craft bin.  I use to have one when we lived in California.  My oldest son loved it.  However I had to donate it to a preschool when we moved to MA several years ago.  It would be nice to have one again.  It mainly had paper scraps and stickers in it.  A lot of the paper was die-cut, which was fun.  Basically it made for quick and easy card and collage making.

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