Friday, November 19, 2010

Major Juice Pouch Work Day

Yesterday was a very busy, very full work day for me.  My goal was to make 7 juice pouch purses, one container, and two backpacks.  I met my goal, and I broke 6 needles in the process.  Four of the needles broke making the first purse of the day (the one above).  I had not broken a single needle in a month, and then to have 6 break in one day was just crazy.  The first four were due to a sewing machine malfunction.  The rest were due to me (speed and thickness of the material).  After taking a nice long break, I had no more problems.

Small container.

Normally my juice pouch items are really uniform in color and flavor.  However for these backpacks I just used what I had in front of me to make them fun and colorful.  

Here is my 9 p.m. snapshot from yesterday.
Reading bed time stories.
Yeah, I know it was late, but I needed to finish one of the backpacks first.  I finished the 2nd one after.

Tomorrow I will be selling my eco-crafts at the 16th Annual Middlesex Community College Arts & Crafts Fair in Bedford, MA. from 10 - 2.  This will be my first big craft fair.  I've been working hard to make items to sell.  I'm happy that my husband, my kids, and my very good friend and her family are going to come.  

Middlesex Community College's 16th Annual Arts & Crafts Fair (Bedford Campus, 591 Springs Road, Bedford, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.) For more info, visit Middlesex Community College  

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  1. Cute pouch bags! I adore those bunnies :)
    Good luck at your sale!