Monday, November 15, 2010

Pouches, Bracelets, and Packaging

Last night I did an inventory of what I have ready to sell at the craft fair on Saturday.  I only had 1 juice pouch pencil pouch.  I needed more.  Then it hit me, I had some pre-sewn juice pouch panels that did not have enough components ready to make bags out of.  Why not turn those into pouches?  So I made 15 pouches in various sizes today.  

These pouches are great for holding money, pencils, make-up, knitting / crocheting supplies, etc.  

I also made two more pvc pipe bracelet holders for my soda tab bracelets.  One for each size: small, medium, and large bracelets.  I need to make more large and small bracelets this week.  You can see how my brain works a little bit from this picture.  I like things arranged according to the color wheel.  It just makes sense to me.

Then another idea struck me this morning.  I had a bag full of used Christmas wrapping paper that I had shredded.  I was going to use them in my Christmas packaging this year.  Maybe others would want to do the same thing.  So I packed some ziplock bags full of the paper.  I'm thinking of charging 50 cents per bag.  If they sell, great, but if they don't, then I will be using it at home.  I'm not sure if 50 cents is to cheap, because it did take a long time to shred all of it (a long time).  Maybe a dollar, but then I don't know if anyone would pay that much for it.

I feel very productive today.   Next I need to paint the canvas with my information on it, tie price tags onto everything, and sew some more juice pouch bags / purses.

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