Friday, November 5, 2010

Bracelets & Pinwheel Blocks

I finished making 14 soda tab bracelets this week (only 9 are shown).

This has been my on-the-go craft project.  I've taken it to the mall and made some while my son played in the kids area.  I've taken it to the library and made some while my son played, worked on puzzles, looked at books, etc.  I also worked on them in the car while waiting for my other son to get out of school (with my engine turned off, of course).    


My quilt guild has a fun challenge quilt this year.  The challenge is to make a black and white quilt with one other color.  That color is determined by the participant pulling a crayon out of a bag.  I pulled a green crayon.  I was hoping for anything other than red or green, because I had already made two black and white crib quilts with those colors.  Oh well.

Then my local quilt shop decided to do a fun type of challenge.  Each month, starting with this month, they will have a different pinwheel block for people to make.  After 1 year, you will have 12 different pinwheel blocks, enough to make a quilt out of.  The catch?  You need to pick up the block instructions within the first 10 day of each month.  The first month it costs $10 with a purchase (I could be wrong about the "with a purchase" statement).  Then you need to bring your completed block back to the store to get your next block instructions.  If you did not make the block by then, then the next set of instructions will cost $10.  They also want to show off some of the blocks in the store.  Sounds like fun to me.

Then it hit me to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.  I am combining these two challenges into one quilt.  There is one problem.  The black, white, and green quilt needs to be completed by the April meeting.  So I am making 2 of each block.  One will be for the bigger quilt and the other will be a smaller quilt for April.  The above cut fabric will be my two blocks for this month.

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