Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Gifts & Auction Items

I'm involved in a secret December Holiday swap in my ravelry group, From Trash To Treasure (link on the right side of my blog).  The point of the swap was to not spend money on anything except the shipping.  Our group is all about using what we have and upcycling / recycling / reusing things to make something new.  My package arrived last week, and I was told that I could open it right away.  The first thing that I noticed was that the Mickey Mouse package that it came in was the same one that I mailed a brown and blue plarn bag in.  Thats right, my secret swap partner was the same person that I mailed the plarn bag to (for a trade).  I love that she reused the packaging.  The box was packed full of goodies: a Tigger doll, a Scooby Doo doll/key ring, lots of yarn (I think that the blue is hand dyed), some plastic to fuse, fabric, sponge letters (my 3 year old has been eyeing these), tea, a very cute little crochet cupcake pincushion,  and a nice Winnie the Pooh card.

There was also this apron that was made out of a table cloth.

I forgot to mention that this package came on Friday, the day before the craft fair.  I really needed a special treat on that day.  I had worked really hard that day, that week, and for the last month.  So it was perfect timing.

This is my favorite gift of all.  It is a felted sweater bag.

It is going to get a lot of use from me.  Isn't it beautiful!
Thank you Amy!

Last night was my quilt guild meeting.  I arrived early to teach a reverse applique class to those who were interested.  Then it was time for the ufo auction.  I wasn't going to bid on anything, but I ended up winning 3 sets of things.  I couldn't help myself.  I won this small quilt top in the auction.  I just love the pattern.  

This one was a funny story.  I was helping to collect things to bring up to the stage to be auctioned off.  I grabbed these pre-quilted fabrics and 5 quilting books.  As I hand them to the auctioneer I tell her that the fabrics would make great oven mitts.  She starts the bidding at $10.  No takers.  It goes to $5.  No takers.  It goes to $2.  No takers.  It goes to $1.  I raise my paddle, because seriously!  I couldn't believe that no one would want this, and I know that I could make some cute oven mitts or hot pads out of them.  Lets also not forget about the books that came with it.  So I won the bid for $1.  It was extra funny, because I was the one who carried it to the stage.  

I also took home these 3 fabrics that are 4 yard each.  They will make great backing fabric, reusable shopping bags, linings, etc.  The ziplock bag contains a lot of binding for quilts.

Its been a crazy week, but its nice to get some fun things as a bonus.  Thank you again Amy for the great gifts!  The person who I sent a swap present to received her package this month as well (in Australia).  Since she is not allowed to open some things until Christmas, I will be waiting to post pictures until then.  

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